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Our goal is to give you all the services you need to enjoy the life of horse riding.

LIVERY: our club offers you a different kind of livery for your horses to choose the one that fits your needs better.
- Box
- Paddocks
- Freedom at the mountain field
- Box and paddock, so you horse can enjoy the day outside and sleep warm in the box.

All of them include twice daily mucking out, two daily feeds and all day hay needed.

HEALTH: our club offers you some health cares for you horse including:
- Dewarming every 3 months
- All day supervision
- First aid
- First treatments after the vet visit

TRAINING: we have a great team of trainers to help you improve on your riding ability.

RIDING: we offer you the possibility that our trainers ride your horse on those days that you are busy, as well as it can help to feel its condition and correct little bad habits.

YOUNG HORSES RIDE: our team has qualified riders to break young horses in and help you on the first rides.

TRANSPORT: with different trailers available we offer you the service to bring your horse to the shows, events, trainings, etc.

CARRIAGE RENT: we offer you the chance to enjoy a stroll on our carriage with your couples, kids, family or friends around our club. We also offer the possibility to rent it to that ones who are qualified for it.

·OVERNIGHT/DAY BOXES: for those who travel with the horses many kilometres, we invite you to stop in our club. While you take a shower in our dressing rooms or you have a meal at the restaurant, let your horses relax in the box or use our walking machine. Please make the booking minimum 2 days before your visit.

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